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“[The musicians were poised with their instruments. They were ready to go.] It would only be a few seconds now, I wrote.”

— Richard Brautigan, from In Watermelon Sugar

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Josep Maria Ribas Prous - Gymnasts at the Dynamo Club in Moscow, 1984

Josep Maria Ribas Prous - Gymnasts at the Dynamo Club in Moscow, 1984

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“It’s often assumed that a resistance to closure is a post-modern development, but I hope I’m making clear that any successful poem—one that is true to human experience—will resist closure. To be resonant is to resist absolute closure.”

Carl Phillips, from the book review “Carl Phillip’s ‘The Art of Daring’ celebrates literature as risk” by David L. Ulin, Los Angeles Times (4 August 2014)   (via apoetreflects)

“And the old man spoke and the young man listened and the young man spoke and the old man hooted and they fell around a corner of Universe away out of sight, eating and talking, talking and eating, the young man biting gumball foods, the old man devouring sunlight with his solar-cell eyes, and the last that was seen of them they were gesticulating and babbling and conversing and waving their hands until their voices faded into Time and the solar system turned over in its sleep and covered them with a blanket of dark and light, and whether or not a rescue ship named Rachel, seeking her lost children, ever came by and found them, who can tell, who would truly ever want to know?”

— Ray Bradbury, from “G.B.S.–Mark V”

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Louise Despont

1. Constellation Symptom No. 1

2. Constellation Symptom No. 18

3. The Tomb in the Garden

4. Knowledge of Bees

5. Sea Views

6. Soundings

7. The Six-sided Force

8. Serpens

9. Sandglass

10. Jester with Crow

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blue-voids: 1970’s interiors, Verner Panton

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Beautiful tree tattoos. (sources unknown).

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“you could live in that landscape of sound
quiet nights of quiet stars
calibrating the hours in diamonds and rust
troubled water
and a bridge to take [you] over”

Jennifer K. Sweeney, from “The Listeners,” in How to Live on Bread and Music (Perugia Press, 2009)

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I edge fire with heed.
Not for ash, nor smoke
but truth, a better way to breathe,

Inside me, something found has its beat.
I drive myselves to sea.
I drive myselves to sea.

Jocelyn Casey-Whiteman, from “To Sea,” in jubilat (No. 23)

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